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Wiper Blade Replacement at Hansel Volkswagen of Santa Rosa

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No driver wants to put up with faulty wiper blades, especially when weather conditions become poor. Low visibility conditions result in greater potential for an accident on the road. Because of this, it’s important for drivers to make sure their wiper blades are fully functional. Hansel Volkswagen is the best place to go for wiper blade replacement in Santa Rosa, CA.

A vehicle’s wiper blades are controlled by an electric motor and worm gear, which provide the force needed for the wiper arms and the rubber blades attached to them to move across the windshield’s surface. The force applied to these blades is carefully balanced so that they can travel across the windshield without leaving behind streaks, which can distract drivers and obscure their vision.

Why Do My Wiper Blades Need to Be Replaced?

Of all the components that make up a vehicle’s wiper system, the rubber blades are the most likely to fail. Wiper blades wear down due to the constant force applied to them, debris and road grime on the windshield and environmental stresses such as cold weather and strong winds. This can cause the blades to crack, bend or tear, resulting in excessive streaking or arm stuttering.

Wiper blades typically last for six months to a year, but drivers who notice any issues with visibility should get them replaced as soon as possible. Wiper blade lifespan can be increased by regularly cleaning the vehicle’s windshield to remove dirt and oil buildup. Wiper blade issues should be resolved as soon as possible, as driving in poor conditions without them can be a significant safety hazard for drivers and their passengers.

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