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Transmission Services at Hansel Volkswagen of Santa Rosa

When your automatic transmission goes out, your car simply will not move. Keep that from happening by bringing it to Hansel Volkswagen in Santa Rosa, CA, at the first sign of trouble. A transmission can wear our eventually, but often taking care of things like the occasional fluid exchange, and paying attention to what is going on with the car, can help you avoid having to replace the entire unit. A transmission is expensive, but there are some options. Our certified technicians use genuine Volkswagen OEM parts and we work in a state of the art facility, so you can be assured your car is in good hands with us. We are a short drive from Rohnert Park, Petaluma, and Windsor, CA. We also offer a multi-point inspection with every service.

Signs You Need Transmission Service

There are several signs your car will give you when the transmission is struggling to work. One is a feeling that the gears are slipping. Another sign is vibration, which is similar to gears slipping, but vibrates most of the car as it tries to shift. If it does not go at first when you push on the gas, but then engages, that could be a sign something is wrong with the transmission. It is also a good idea to look for leaks, Often a transmission that is having trouble will leak.

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Repair & Replacement Options

There are several options available when it comes to transmission repair on your Volkswagen. A fluid exchange or flush can solve problems if they are minor. An exchange simply drains fluid and puts new fluid in. A flush goes a step further and makes sure all the old fluid is taken out of your car before the new fluid is put in. Here are some replacement options:

  • You can buy a new transmission, which is the most expensive option, but might be good for an almost-new car.
  • Buy a used transmission. This is the cheapest but also the riskiest as you don’t know much about the condition.
  • Buy a rebuilt transmission. This is a middle ground choice that can be a good option.
  • Rebuild the transmission you have. This is not the cheapest, but often the best choice. Every part is examined and fixed or replaced as needed.
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